Kent Beer Festival

A few weekends ago we went to Canterbury for the 40th Annual Kent Beer Festival. We hopped on a train to Canterbury and walked through town towards the bus terminal. It being noon already, and not knowing how much food would be available at the festival, we stopped off at Taco Loco, a Mexican restaurant in town. Though the meal definitely had a European twist with curry in the rice, fries accompanying each entree, and honey mustard dressing served with the taco salads, the food wasn’t that bad.

We then walked through the downtown which was quite busy and passed by several different people singing and playing the guitar. At the bus station we caught a red double decker bus that was shuttling people to and from the farm where the festival was located. Bill and I had assumed that the farm would involve a big open grassy area, maybe a place that was a venue for events. However, we arrived at a cow farm. A barn with a dirt floor had been cleared out for the festival, and there was a grassy area outside. There were about 60 kegs of beer and several ciders available to buy or taste. After choosing a beer to try, we found a place in the grass outside. As the field usually houses cows instead of beer drinking patrons, they apparently forgot to turn off the electric fence. Sparrow got a little shock when she got too close when looking at some flowers on the other side of the fence. I think it startled her more than hurt her.






Sparrow had her first try at using a bow and arrow while we were there. For £1 you could shoot 6 arrows at a target that had been set up in front of bales of hay.



Pretty good day. It would have been better if we’d gone with a bunch of friends, but it was nice to get out and experience a beer festival British style.


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